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  • Softchoice Azure Dashboard

    Keep your budgets in check with the Softchoice Azure Dashboard. Softchoice wanted to demonstrate the power of their new Azure Dashboard. Originally the Softchoice Azure dashboard video was to be an educational piece. The intent was to help users understand the power and ease of use of the Softchoice Azure dashboard, without having […]

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  • Webinar Promo Intro – Mike

    This Webinar teaser video helped drive registration to the webinar. It appeared on the webinar registration page.  It offered value before signing up. From a Google Adwords perspective it boosted the time on page metric tenfold. This substantially reduced the Adwords Cost per Click (CPC)  by increasing the Quality Score […]

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  • CorpComm (Greenscreen) – PC2

    The purpose of the video was to remind sales people to become top producers and reap the rewards.  It was a small part of a larger CorpCom drive to boost sales for the year end. The program was meant to motivate sales and foster competition. Beyond just the monetary aspect […]

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  • CorpComm Video – RAP

    The purpose of this internal video was to get executive buy-in for a radically new service deployment teams across the country. It  educated internal audiences about the new teams and their functionality. It promoted  understanding in Sales regarding the complexities of what was being delivered to the customer. The video […]

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  • Conference Demo – Muted

    The client wanted a corporate video to attract and educate conference attendees as they passed by the booth. It was displayed on a 50 inch TV inside the booth. Given the noise level in most trade show, the video was produced without a soundtrack. The aim was to provide just […]

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  • Animation – Cloud Computing

    The client needed a corporate video to explain a new service offering to its sales force. It was aired during their annual sales conference in Toronto on 50 foot screens.  It was written from a sales POV and highlighted the benefits inherent in the service. The scribed video method was […]

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