Webinar Promo Intro – Mike

This Webinar teaser video helped drive registration to the webinar. It appeared on the webinar registration page.  It offered value before signing up. From a Google Adwords perspective it boosted the time on page metric tenfold. This substantially reduced the Adwords Cost per Click (CPC)  by increasing the Quality Score of the ad.

This video was shot on Greenscreen / Bluescreen for a reason.  Location. Mike took his time and got the shot right. It would have been difficult otherwise. That office corridor is very busy, with lots of people walking by. It’s really distracting for the talent and disruptive for the business.  The Greenscreen / Bluescreen gave us an opportunity to add a really nice Bokeh (Depth of Field)  to the shot. Not perfect but pretty good for an inexpensive teaser video that tied into a marketing campaign.