Softchoice Azure Dashboard

Keep your budgets in check with the Softchoice Azure Dashboard.

Softchoice wanted to demonstrate the power of their new Azure Dashboard. Originally the Softchoice Azure dashboard video was to be an educational piece. The intent was to help users understand the power and ease of use of the Softchoice Azure dashboard, without having to trial it.

The Softchoice Azure dashboard makes it easy to maintain visibility on essential data which helps IT managers stay on budget. It makes for effective cloud cost management. Another use of this Softchoice Azure Dashboard video was to help fill the sales and  leads pipelines. So we made the video a blend of Marketing and Education with a soft call to action.

Softchoice Azure Dashboard from a video production point of view

We spent a lot of time on the script. We didn’t have a long run-time, less than 2 minutes. There was a ton of stuff the dashboard could do. So we had to pick the best features. The subject needed to be precise. So we wrote it collaboratively between JWPS their Program Manager and the SME (Subject Matter Expert). It’s so important to collaborate with an internal champion.

By the time it gets circulated for approvals the script can be close to 95% complete. The value added comments that come back made it perfect. We did the same thing with the storyboard. This saved a lot of time in editing. When the FINAL was circulated for approval there were only minor edits, because everyone is already aligned.

The conclusion is, if you front load your efforts you’ll save a ton of time and expense on the back end. JWPS used a combination of Camtasia and Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Audition to create the video.

Here is the description provided by Softchoice.

With organizational use of metered cloud services like Azure accelerating, IT departments are more challenged than ever to track usage, manage budgets and charge backs to lines of business and control rising costs. The Softchoice Cloud Dashboard makes cloud cost management simple by helping you understand the total value of your committed spend, your use to date, and when it expires. It provides real-time data on organizational spend history and the pace of consumption, showing who is driving what costs, using which services and when. And you can instantly build and share reports on all aspects of your cloud usage to support charge backs with your line of business partners. See firsthand how the Softchoice Cloud Dashboard enables effective cloud cost management.