CorpCom (Greenscreen) – PC1

This was a small part of a CorpCom drive to boost sales for the year end. This program really motivated sales and fostered competition.  The purpose of the video was to remind sales people to become top producers and reap its rewards. Beyond just the monetary aspect of earning top commissions,  Presidents Club members were be invited to rub shoulders with the executive team in an exclusive resort in Mexico.

The executives were really good sports about the program. It’s not often we get to see the President of a major Telco in Canada, sipping a fake drink, on the beach, in Mexico. But psychologically it helps them connect with their sales audience. They become  more accessible.

Greenscreen / Bluescreen was used to act as a proxy of the destination, without incurring the cost of a shoot in Mexico. By setting up in the boardroom we could accommodate each executives schedule.   They could take as many takes as necessary to get it right. We were done shooting in 2 days and created enough content to drive the program for 3 months. It was a big success.